A cutting edge cloud render farm

The story of VFXFARM started when our traditional cloud render firms failed to cope with demands. Awesome user experience, user-friendly interface, nifty positioning, color management, from website to application in Windows and Mac, automatic synchronization of cloud rendering projects output and a lot more comes with VFXFARM to cover those demands.

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We always keep eye on technology updates and keep our farm up-to-date. You will get the latest cutting edge technology here for your rendering project. No need to worry about those highly expensive CPU and GPU. We are offering those to render your project for a very reasonable cheap rate.


  • AMD Ryzen™ 9
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper


  • GeForce® RTX 3080
  • GeForce® RTX 3090

Lots of these machines are waiting just for your project. We procured highly efficient technicians and researchers to manage these machines and keep it up-to-date so you will be always ahead of time.



When you are thinking of a top notch online cloud render farm, where everything you wanted are in one place, at a rate that you only dreamt of, you are pretty much thinking about VFXFARM, just you might not know that yet. VFXFARM is a cutting edge online cloud rendering farm. We are maintaining a lot of talented people who are suggesting us good machines and algorithms that you experience in VFXFARM when you render with us. We started with a target of reliving people from stress for their rendering projects and here we are. People remember us, come to us whenever they feel necessity to do some cloud rendering.


  • You will get 24/7 support in VFXFARM
  • You will get high end machines for your heavy rendering projects
  • You can monitor, control and preview your rendering project in our website from anywhere with any device if you have internet access
  • We have powerful machines to complete your big rendering projects fast and smooth
  • There is no extra charge or hidden cost
  • We offer 13 SP free to new user to test our cloud render farm and have a practical experience
  • We offer support for both Windows and Mac and Linux is coming soon
  • We offer refund within 24 hours of purchase. We value your money; don’t want to rob it anyway
  • Our price scheme is very cheap and reasonable
  • Our machines and algorithms are very efficient so we don’t waste energy
  • Our system will charge you frame by frame and it’s an awesome feature when you have to stop your current render project and start again with some changes


  • You could have a fight with your friend because he doesn’t know VFXFARM and having stress with rendering where you are living in peace. But of course because you didn’t share VFXFARM with your friends
  • You will get addicted to us
  • You could get angry by thinking that how could we think of everything that you want and at the exact place you want
  • You will have a lot of time to spoil yourself because we will do your time killing rendering online
  • You could end up getting a lot of money and spoil yourself because you will have a lot of free time to work on and if you become productive, who dare to keep you down
  • You could get a little healthier for having peace in mind and thus gain weight eventually
  • Your project could get completed faster and for that you could miss your important meeting. Because you mistakenly took a nap in that free time and yes, that nap was very big and you missed your meeting
  • You will get dependency on us
  • You activity on social network could be increased and you might get some mouthful psychological disease


As an online cloud rendering farm, we accept online payment gateway like PayPal for making payment to us. You deposit money from your account’s “Balance” page and instantly you get SP for that. Though for accidental deposit, we process refund within 24 hours time after purchase. You will get bonus SP for your deposits as well. You will also get 13 SP free when you register. We have referral system that will give you opportunity of getting bonus for deposit of your referred user.

SP will be debited from your account automatically if you have any running project or if you take any subscription or start new GPU rental package. You can see history of your costing from your “JOB MONITORING” and “JOB HISTORY” page for your projects. You can see your deposit, referral and other transactions in your “BALANCE” page. You will be able to see project costing for each frame from our software as well. It’s completely transparent. You will not see any hidden charge or extra cost anywhere ever. Everything will be happened in-front of your eyes.

What to begin with

In order to render a project on our render farm you need to:

  1. Sign up
  2. Log in to VFXFARM-STREAMER account / or install VFXFarmStreamer and the plugin for your software
  3. Prepare a project according to the instructions
  4. Go to your software and click in the plugin VFXFARM and submit your projects
  5. Upload the project
  6. Select all necessary settings
  7. Click "SUBMIT"