VFXFARMCLOUD is designed to cover each and every aspect of cloud rendering.

Whether you are in Mac or Windows or Linux, with VFXFARMCLOUD, you can always render smoothly. You operating system won’t be a problem anymore for your rendering projects.

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A question that many people ask, and you might be asking yourself as well, is what is cloud rendering and why should one care about cloud render services when there are traditional render tools out there that have served one so well in the past.  Well, there are several benefits of opting for cloud render services from VFXFARM, first is the smoothness you will get when you are rendering your project as compared to the traditional rendering options as our cloud rendering doesn't care much about the operating system you are using; whether it's MacOS, Windows or even Linux, our cloud rendering will function smoothly.

Now the other benefit of using VFXFARM cloud render services is the tremendous difference in the speed you will get when compared with the traditional rendering services. Suppose you are interior rendering based on a 3600x2500 size, any of the standard computer out there can take up to 6 hours to render the file, but if you are using a cloud rendering service, your whole task could be complete within an hour of starting this entire operation; and this is a major benefit you can avail by using VFXFARM cloud render services over any other traditional rendering service provider. 


We transformed complexity into simplicity and named that VFXFARMSTREAMER. People now see it as their all in one cloud rendering solution. Follow these four steps below and VFXFARMSTREAMER will handle rest and you will see us the same way our VFXFARM family does.



It is as easy as saying it. Download VFXFARMSTREAMER and install it.


a. After finishing installation process, VFXFARMSTREAMER will ask you to connect with your account. If you miss this by any chance, you can always configure it from your software’s plug-in section.




Now simply load the project you want to render in 3ds Max or Cinema4d or Blender or Maya and adjust render settings.


Now you just need to click render and it will upload your project ad start rendering automatically. Depending on your project setup, render output will be stored in server or automatically downloaded in your pc on completion.



Go to VFXFARM and download VFXFARMSTREAMER. Install it and when it is complete, you will find it in your system tray in taskbar. When you registered in our website, you received email with you account information to login in VFXFARMSTREAMER. After login, you will see our plug-in manager with a list of software supported by us. You will find our plug-in in your software’s plug-in section as well and can enable from there. But you have to be very organized with project files and folders. Also you have to save your project before you start rendering.

Now you need to load your project and set it up for cloud rendering. So from VFXFARM tab inside your software, you need to click on submit and you will see your render project submission form screen. Adjust the render settings according to your need and submit. Now you will see status of your project in VFXFARMSTREAMER. Also you can monitor and control your cloud rendering project from anywhere in world as long as you have access to internet and your account in VFXFARM. We also created a video tutorial to help you understand how to operate our software and use our service. Feel free to ask us anything though our 24/7 Live Chat and we will be here to help you.


Our biggest feature lies in our software, VFXFARMSTREAMER. It is easy to operate and it has a collection of tools to show you all the information of your project. You will be able to control your cloud rendering with ease in VFXFARMSTREAMER. Also it is connected with our website so you are always connected with your cloud render farm no matter where you are. We offer very reasonable and cheap rate. No extra or hidden charge. We always try our best to make things transparent to our users. You will see cost for each frame from within VFXFARMSTREAMER. And it’s not only for your current project but also for your past projects. You will see all the project’s cost frame by frame. It was hard for us to pick only four features to mention here that express the most of our promises.

Can you think of a system where everything you could imaging is at correct place, right where you want? Well if you can’t, just download VFXFARMSTREAMER and your cloud rendering dream will come true. We take our user’s user experience as our top priority and thus we thought everything that our user could imagine to make his rendering easier, and you will see the reflection of our thoughts, love and care when you use VFXFARMSTREAMER. It was hard for us to pick only four features to mention here that express the most of our promises.

With VFXFARMSTREAMER, cloud rendering is a matter of one click. Load your project, configure it and click submit, rest assured that your project will be completed and will be in place without any further interference.

VFXFARMSTREAMER integrates itself with your available software that we support. No need to have any different software or something that is complicated. You can use VFXFARMSTREAMER with ease from inside your already installed software.

We provide several options to manage your project on completion. You can choose to download it automatically in your pc or keep it in our server and download that later. It is very comfortable to have control over tasks that will come in future. Our automatic synchronization system works like magic to transform your dream into reality.

We will charge you per frame to let you save your money right away if you don’t want to continue rendering.